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Monday, January 28, 2013

Work smart. Pronto!

So I have this 'little' problem with my time management.

Those who work with me are aware of my style; I can simply give my 120% on any task given say, for 4 hours straight (no interruptions of any form in between) and then walla..I am done. Usually the end product is up to the required standard or mind you, sometimes way better than I expected.  

Thing is, other people might take a few days to complete the same task. So, the question is, does that make me a better staff?

Here's the deal.

It's the pressure that makes me, me. I am prone towards performing most things last-minute. Closed ones are worried sick about me (or should I say, my working style). I tend to take things easy and before you know it, I work like a bozo on fire before the deadline, cracking my head up to complete it all. Friends/colleagues are amazed (I guess) because according to them there's no way they could have done it the way I pulled it all off. 

I think I am a spoilt brat when it comes to management. I have.. no wait, need to be reminded. He likes to to do that, which I appreciate. Lets just wait and see how long it stays that way. *wink 

Gees, there are so many things to do! 


Here I am, blogging away. Hey, it's good to blog. It gives me time to reflect. To listen to myself giving critical, judgmental opinions about myself. Or others.

I've been making mental notes to give my working style some makeover, ya' know. I am working on it. Like telling myself again and again to compile my previous evaluated paper works and transform them into credible, quality pieces of well-acclaimed journal articles. Urgh. 

Well, at least I made notes in my mind. Better than nothing. Lol.


Al-Manar said...

Do you want my honest opinion of whatever? No I do not think you do. Keep blogging and express yourself freely. Who cares what other think and say. That is me ; I do it my way.

heliocentrism said...

Pakcik Hassan!!

It's been so long. Now you can tell I've been away, wandering off minding my own not so-fruitful life.

How are you? Hope you're doing well. Btw, I do need (not want) your opinion. Always. Because you, you do it your way. *wink

I was away due to the fact that I went through a heartache; an end of a one beautiful relationship. Back then I noticed one thing; when I wanted to blog, words that came out would be very girlish, making me feel like a sappy, sad little high school girl. I didn't want that.

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