I think about you constantly, whether it's with my mind or my heart. ~ Albany Bach Reid

Sunday, March 21, 2010

You got me


After all the songs that I have heard before from her, those that people claim are songs that are good, yet for me are mediocre, finally this one is an eye-opener for me. Lol.

Such a sweet, lovely song. The words are catchy and straight-forward which I sometimes dig. And hell yeah, she's okay.

Wise Man : Part 13 ‘In the shape of a heart’

About a week ago, I was asked about the shape of a heart. The story behind it.

Well, I couldn't say much for it for I didn't know the real deal. I managed to come up with something that has to do with the symbolism of a heart. Also that a heart is usually addressed with red colour, which I guess to signify passion and strong emotions.

Yet, I was asked again about the shape. What does it mean? I held my hands up then and winked.

Me : Come on, spill.

WM : It is simple. A heart is formed by two question marks facing each other. (Paused, maybe waiting for some 'uuuu' or 'aaaa' am not sure)

Me : Hmm.. I guess so.

WM : It's so obvious babe, can't you see. Everything, anything makes sense, right when it's a heart thingy. It's always questionable when it comes to feelings.

Me : Maybe.

WM : Face it. Sometimes, there are more questions that answers. More doubts.

Me : That I agree. Now we're on the same page, brother.

WM : It's my theory. My very own. Am smart, you see.

Me : (sighed) Cool.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Of chirping birds and dancing butterflies

It’s been awhile since I felt so happy. Yeah, I’ll just use the word ‘happy’ there. ‘Cos happy is what I am right now. It’s been awhile alright. Then today happened. I smiled and smiled. I guess I’ll start writing again.

Hold on. The way I put it seems like I only write when I am happy. That’s not the case. There was a shortage of entries starting this year due to work and I have to say, life. Deep down I must add that I didn’t write because I was afraid that I might say things that I might regret because some occasions that happened clearly didn’t bring me joy.

Yet again, today happened.

Plus with the help of Elviza with her latest entry on Why I Write, I aim to simply continue expressing my thoughts and whatnot here. Most of her reasons are the reasons I write. For instance, to mend a scarred heart ‘cos writing has its beautiful way to heal that aching twitches which I sometimes become so irritated with myself for letting the twitches control my emotion.

Today, I learned the true meaning of appreciating others.

A wise man said, appreciate those who appreciate you. I’ve noticed that we as human beings feel some kind of joy when people especially our loved ones are thoughtful and appreciative. It means that some mutual understandings occur.

A simple as that.