I think about you constantly, whether it's with my mind or my heart. ~ Albany Bach Reid

Saturday, July 2, 2011

All I want is..

Dear blog,

By the time I finally met you and did my ritual, I noticed that I have turned you into a video blog; which was never my intention in the beginning. However, sometimes songs deliver what can't be expressed by spoken (mind you, written) words.

It is what I am feeling. It is so raw I can even taste it. No matter what I do I feel the pain. Putting the hideous sight of those five boys aside (JT didn't know what he was doing don't ya think? Lol), it's tearing me apart considering the fact that I can't see beyond..'now'.

Here's the problem. We are living in a community where books are judged by their covers. A community where normality is a way of life where being a bit out of norm is a question mark.

I don't expect people to understand of course.

People would question, "Is that the right thing to do, Suria?" or, or "See the whole picture, open your heart to the possibilities" and the best one would be "Come on, time will tell, just give it a shot". Easy for you to say!

It's all jumbled up; my mental jigsaw puzzle. I can see there are so missing pieces that I have to grit my teeth and take a deep breath.

I'll manage, believe me. But in the meantime....

just take me away to Agra and I'll be free!

I miss you, b.