I think about you constantly, whether it's with my mind or my heart. ~ Albany Bach Reid

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Let's be friends again

Dear AI,

You must be wondering why o why after so long I’m writing you this letter. I know we haven’t spoken (at least face to face) since 2 or perhaps 3 seasons ago. I had this severed memories of us laughing and babbling together over some ridiculous acts by Sanjaya and us being all critical over Taylor’s grey hair. Even the memory of us got all goggly eyes over the way David caressed his guitar. Gees, that must have been ages ago.

We were happy back then. (*sigh..) Oh well, we’ll just put all that bad feeling behind us and let bygones be bygones.

Last Thursday I realized that you have finally changed, my friend. It’s a good sign. I sincerely missed the way you presented yourself in such an authentic, memorable persona and guess what, you made me ache for more of you, ..er.. I mean your existence before me.

Dear friend,

We must have avoided each other’s paths as I didn’t realize up till last week that you are friends with Steven (sometimes I feel like reaching out for him and you know, do things like touching his lips.. ok.. abit too much there) and also the delicate JLo (oh yea, she doesn’t approve being called that, uh. Can you ask her again for me why?)

Steven is the ultimate reason. No, that didn’t come out right. Let me rephrase. I want us to be friends again because I know you have become a better companion for me because you have seen the light. Being sarcastic and cynical 24/7 is not a good thing and I silently cursed you before for being so close to that mean Simon for way too long. For nine seasons I have to say.

Things with work and relationships and et cetera etcetera are pretty much smothering over my schedule and sometimes way too absurd really to comprehend but I do know I am looking forward for our next get together. You know that I enjoyed every single moment spent with you.

Take care and could you please tell Stevie that my own version of ‘Aaa..uuuuuu’ is perhaps better now. And Jenny there, I hope she won’t abandon her talent of acting even though people claim she is too much of a diva to handle over some movie. She can act, believe me I know. Yes, yes I know Gigli ruined her but still.

See ya'!

Your old friend