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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Our way of communicating is hijacked!

This is an entry about my dissatisfaction with a particular mobile network that has been acting like a total double bozo for the past couple of weeks.

Mind you, I have been in a relationship with this network for more than 6 years and it was ok. I mean it never made me turned psychotic for no specific reasons. Until last 2 weeks. It didn't help me at all when as I was in a middle of a cyberchat through Whatsapp or BBM (not yet into weeeeechat), all of a sudden I no longer received any reply. Total silence. I became furious and it got worse if we were in a heated discussion.

Imagine the bloody moment where you can't text or call your loved ones? Eveything is put on hold and imagine the frustration boiling inside when you are demanding some answers.

On contrary, in some wierd circumstance, imagine that unexplainable sensation you experience in your heart when someone tells you in frantic voice that finally oh finally he could reach you on the phone after 15th freakin attempts.

People claim that our communication network system is going haywire due to the fact that we are on the verge of a political war. Maybe it is true cos' am telling you, it's driving me nuts when my wishes and wisdom are not delivered and spread out. Urgh.

As if the nerwork is not a problem already, my phone is pulling on a sad prank on me. Whenever I am on the phone, it dies on me.  

I guess it goes back to the way you view your mechanism in communication.        

Birds, anyone?                                              

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