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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Private vs. Public

So I came across this conversation between husband and wife on Facebook. Yes, Facebook.

Both are my friends. One was my former fling back in school. Why I am telling this? To clarify any unintended wonder on why I bother such plain conversation between a husband and a wife.

He put up a status on something; which usually friends and relatives would respond and give their comments on the respective status. Seconds later, a comment popped up. From his wife. Regarding their house electrical appliances.

Fine. I mean, everybody deals with house chores; even more when you've just lived in your new first house. No big deal. So I moved on, simply browsing through my account for the next 10 minutes, reading and trying not to puke while people telling stories about their life, how they are enjoying their breakfast of roti canai and tea tarik at the usual hang out. Tasteful.

I went back to this husband/wife-conversation. It has turned into discussing personal domestic events. Get this; they are talking about things that are crystal clear only the two of them know. There is no freakin way that others can join in and give their two cent worth of ideas. They do this where everybody on their freaking friend list can see. I mean, come on!!

Things between a husband and a wife should remain between the two of you. Gees. It is just like the same thing that happens when a wife tells the husband that she misses him terribly on Facebook. Should the wife post the status; a declaration of affection to her husband publicly? Is it that important or expected by all that the public should know that you miss your husband? God!

It would be easier and I guess sweeter right, if you private-message or send a text or whatsapp your husband? But no. It is hot and yummy served in public for all to see.

O oh. Would I be the same once I have someone to call eternally my own? Hope not.


miss nugget said...

Hello darling!!!
how are you.? miss u!!!!!!

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Al-Manar said...

Exhibitionism. Do not be surprised that some enjoy whatever - being seen and admired with envy. Put on your green lipstick, spray all over with Chanel; and loiter around the Mall - and then you will enjoy what you have never had.