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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Absence of Songs that Matter.

Dear Of Mas Tulen and Honey, 

I need to talk to you today. Put aside your anger for awhile. You can scold or yell at me after this for I have neglected you for so long. I have no solid reason for not saying anything to you since last year's April; all I know, lack of inspiration is one of the hidden ingredients in the recipe of Suria's Acts. 

Here's the thing; I lost all my songs collections! My Kingston pendrive used in the car is now confirmed by the candy-to-my-eyes UMT tech officer that it is no longer functional. I flinched at once when he told me the news. What came into my mind at the time was; I never had the time to make a copy of those songs! There. I lost them all. Gone. 

As I strolled along the quiet corridor towards my car, my mind was wandering. In that bloody pendrive, I put in all the songs that matter to me. Roughly a total of 5 folders all together and one or two with funny folder names. 

In a weird, childish physical reflex, I had the urge to cry; not literally because of the songs, but the impact of it to me. You see, the songs were collected through the years and categorized accordingly to timeline and specific emotions. Another thing that tugs at my heartstring is, the songs collection is one of a few remaining things that connected me to memories of him. I even named some folders as 'hangin'. 

Right now as I am talking to you, I am recalling the songs that matter. Songs that bring meanings to me. You might be saying that 'get a grip, Suria. Make a new collection. Start anew.' 

Pfutth! Easy for you to say. But hey, you're right in a way. Let bygones be bygones. 

Ok. Enough is enough. 

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